Emily Chusan and Her Jacquemus Le Chiquito

In today’s installment of PursePeople, we meet Emily Chusan, an e-commerce analyst hailing from New York, NY, whose trendy Jacquemus caught our eye on an unseasonably warm fall day in the city. This brand new bag paired perfectly with Emily’s neutral set, allowing her Jacquemus to remain the star of the show. The perfect companion, this bag works dressed up or dressed down, though this purse person mostly wears it more casually. While Emily hopes to snag a Celine Ava Bag next, today the star of the show is her Jacquemus. Read more below!

Name: Emily Chusan
Occupation: E-Commerce Analyst
Location: New York City
Bag: Jacquemus Le Chiquito

The Bag

I got my bag on ssense; I just loved the color and the size!! I have been wanting a mini bag, and when I came across this one, I knew I had to have it. I meant to purchase it earlier in the summer but finally made the purchase as the season was ending after I realized how easy it would be to style it with fall outfits. I love the color! It’s so unique. I love how it is a light banana yellow but can also pass as a nude. I also love that I can wear it as a crossbody too. I like that it’s not a hassle to take anywhere since it’s a small bag, and luckily it does fit my phone!

A Perfect Pairing

I wear a lot of neutrals, so I wear it with just about everything! I would say that I carry this bag mostly when I’m dressed down. You can usually spot me wearing it with sneakers, trousers, and a dress shirt layered with a trench coat.

An Everyday Essential

I am always carrying around a lipstick or gloss. My go to is Merit’s Tinted Lip Oil.

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