I tried Rebag’s new Clair luxury bag appraisal tool, here’s what happened

Rebag launches Clair, a luxury appraisal index tool of 10,000 bags.

Clair is an easy-to-use luxury appraisal index that instantly generates the resale value of 10,000 bags and counting from 50+ designers, created to empower all bag lovers who buy and sell in resale.

Basically, you put info in about your bag and instantly see the price you could sell it for. This tool isn’t a new concept, but it’s something that the resale industry has been lacking so far.

Anyway, I thought I’d give it a try since I’m always thinking about buying/selling… and also medical bills are expensive. I wanted to see how it works, so I’ll walk you through the process. Here’s what their site says about it:

Use Clair to reveal any bag’s current resale value so you can make an educated decision to sell it, consign it, hold onto it, or maybe even buy more – the options are endless.

The Clair landing page has a button that reads GET YOUR CLAIR OFFER. When you click on it, it asks you to sign in to an account (which means yes, you need an account to get your offer). Clair asks to input info about bag’s brand/model, color, and condition. It claims to, “Generate current resale value in an instant,” then has another button that says START SELLING. There are a lot of buttons on this journey already, Rebag.

The next page has a search bag at the top to find your bag, and below there is a large grid of Chanel/Louis Vuitton/Gucci products with a name and a Clair Code.

The Clair Code interests me. If you’re not into ecommerce you can skip this part. The Clair Code, when broken down by initials, looks like they’ve codified bag models for easier searching.

HB . CH (Brand) . VCDFFL Vintage Classic Double Flap (Style) . QULA Quilted Lambskin (Material) . ME Medium (Size).

Using this, they can easily comb through their mass amounts of their own sales data, previously a difficult feat because every product is unique in this market. No two Chanel bags are alike, which means they all need original SKUs.

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