Marisa Ledford and her Chanel Boy Bag

In today’s new installment of our PursePeople series, featuring real people and their bags, we meet a fashion stylist hailing from Austin, Texas, whose stunning Chanel Boy Bag caught our eye. At first glance, the bag is beautiful, but after speaking with Marisa a bit further, we learned that this fashion stylist actually received the bag as a wedding gift from her future husband—so sweet!

She settled on a neutral that would remain a classic and a staple in her wardrobe, and the bonus was that she was able to pair this with many of her pre-wedding outfits. Her Chanel Boy bag is not only super versatile, packing a big punch in style, but it’s also the perfect size to carry everything Marisa needs, including a small film camera to capture little moments throughout the day as well as necessities like lipgloss and mints. Read more about Marisa’s special bag below.

Name: Marisa Ledford
Occupation: Fashion Stylist
Location: San Antonio, TX
Bag: Chanel Boy Bag

The Bag

My husband gifted me this bag for our wedding four years ago. He wanted to get me something special that I could have forever that would always remind us of that chapter in our lives. It holds a lot of sentimental value for that reason. My husband is pretty into fashion as well so he knew going into it, what it would cost, and was prepared. He also understands that investing in classic pieces you’ll wear again and again is always worth it. He loves designer sneakers and denim so he really gets it.

I’m very specific about what I like to wear. As a stylist, I’m around clothes and accessories so much, that I notice every little detail. So we went to the Chanel store together and I tried on several bags that day. I knew I wanted something super classic that I could wear forever, so I wanted a neutral color. I was going between black and nude but decided the nude color was a bit more “springy” and we got married in March, so it kind of always reminds me of that time. The nude also seemed a bit more bridal to me, and it was a wedding gift, so I went with that color. I loved styling it with a lot of my white dresses for bridal events leading up to my wedding.

To Have and to Hold, Forever

I opted for the caviar leather for a bit of texture, and I liked the matte hardware on this bag versus the shiny finish on the chain and clasps. And I like that this bag is a bit more unique because it has the chevron quilting down the front versus the classic diamond quilting on many Chanel boy bags. I love how versatile it is! It goes well with absolutely everything. I can wear it with a casual outfit like jeans, leggings, or a tee with sneakers. It really dresses the look up.

I sometimes wear it with a sleek slip dress and heels for an elegant date night look. No matter what, it always makes me feel more polished and effortlessly pulled together. It can [also] be worn in so many different ways by adjusting the straps. I’ve worn it as a crossbody, shoulder bag, and top handle. I also love how timeless it is. It’s a bag that I could truly wear forever and even pass on to my future child someday.

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