The Best Orange Bags for 2022

Like many New Yorkers, I used to rarely wear any color. My wardrobe consisted of mainly neutrals like black, beige, and off-white, with the occasional (read: rare) bit of color. But when the pandemic hit, my tastes began to change, and for the first time in my life, I can say honestly, and with confidence, that I’m a color person. I love wearing color and I really enjoy experimenting with new hues and various color combinations, and as I broaden my horizons, my love for boldness has crossed over into my handbags as well. After purchasing a pastel yellow bag last year, I’ve had my eye on other colors recently too. While green and purple were no doubt the standouts in 2021, recently I saw an orange bag that caught my eye, and it turns out that there seems to be plenty more where that came from. Are you a fan of orange too? Check out the bags that I found below!

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