The Best Winter Coat and Bag Pairs

Here in the DC area, temperatures are steadily dipping. We had our first frost earlier this week, which meant it was time to pull out all of my coats and winter clothes. I have a deep love for all things winter; it is one of my favorite seasons. I especially love a great coat—it’s such a simple yet effective piece to make a statement. A great coat and bag combo can make me feel invincible. It’s a great way to appear pulled together (even if I am not!).

I have been perusing my favorite fashion sites in search of a new coat this season. I love the puffy bomber comeback because it takes me back to my youth! I found so many great finds, it was hard to narrow it down. Of course, I had to find the perfect bag to wear with my new finds; this is PurseBlog, after all. I found some classic coats, but I also found some really fun and colorful options as well. I love integrating a colorful coat into my wardrobe, especially since my clothes tend to lean towards neutral pieces.

I have rounded up my perfect pairs to share with you! Do you have a favorite combo? Are you wearing a colorful coat, or do you prefer something more classic?

Pair 1

Pair 2

Pair 3

Pair 4

Pair 5

Pair 6

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