The Many Bags We Spotted During Miami’s Art Basel

A couple of weeks ago, art and fashion lovers from around the globe flocked to Miami for Art Basel. This year, Art Basel was back – with events allowing gatherings reminiscent of years past and late-night parties from South Beach to the Design District and beyond. South Florida is our home now, and when I tell you that the bags are always good down here, I mean really good. There isn’t a day that I am out that I am not lusting after a bag I spot on someone’s arm, and Art Basel week was no different, with everyone bringing their A-bag-game.

Look 1

There was a good amount of variety in brands, but we did see a few stunning Hermès bags being carried.

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Looks 6 & 7

Red bags were a big theme, which we saw all over NYC this summer and fall as well, and I am oddly fond of this shearling Jodie from Bottega Veneta.

Look 8

Looks 9 & 10

Look 11

Valeria Lipovetsky, who was gracious and kind, stopped to pose for a picture for us in a full Ferragamo look. I really liked seeing a new bag from the brand; it’s understated but quite nice.

Look 12

Look 13

Looks 14 & 15

Look 16

Looks 17 & 18

Looks 19 & 20

The little black classic bag is always a must, and we saw plenty of gals (and guys) carrying their own reach-and-go bags.

Look 21

Look 22

Look 23

Looks 24 & 25

Look 26

Look 27

Rarely, you’ll ever see a cuter combo than a dog in a bag!

Look 28

Looks 29 & 30

Look 31

Daniel Lee’s Bottega Veneta will be remembered for many things, and a major one will be this shade of green that became Bottega green.

Looks 32 & 33

Look 34

Looks 35 & 36

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